Fourth, Fifth and Sixth review of This State Is Conscious

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Postrockstar run a roundtable review once a month where they take one album and as many of the writers can review the album as they wish. We were lucky enough to be given this type of review and they are all pretty positive reviews!

It’s safe to say that one play through isn’t enough to appreciate what Those Amongst Us Are Wolves have accomplished here. ‘This State is Conscious’ was well worth the wait and well worth the price of admission. There is a little bit of something for everyone in this album”. – James

Song craft and structure are part and parcel to what makes good third wave post rock for me. If it’s lacking, things are flat and uninteresting, even when played by the most skilled musicians. That happens a good deal when you listen to as much stuff as we do here at PRS. This all too common downfall is in no way evident here, as TAUAW have summoned a very compelling handful of songs on This State Is Conscious.” – Erich


Read the whole review here:

Pick up a copy of This State Is Conscious here:

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